Friendship star quilt – finished quilt top!


I recently finished my “Friendship Star” quilt top! I started in August 2011 so it really was a long-term piecing project! I put the stars together using the English paper piecing method, with plastic diamond templates. A total of 188 stars went into this quilt, there must be thousands of diamonds altogether! To be honest, I don’t mind that it took a long time, it was a lovely project to hand-piece in the evenings listening to music or watching tv. I used every single piece of fabric in my stash on this. Next, I have to piece the back and quilt it, I think I will try machine quilting, I don’t want to spend another 18 months hand quilting it! 🙂 I have the backing fabric pre-washed and ironed, and I just received a walking foot for my sewing machine, so I’m good to go!

It was inspired by the Crazy Mom Quilts blog – her post on this quilt is here:

13 thoughts on “Friendship star quilt – finished quilt top!

  1. loloslunch

    Love this quilt top! Lots of great colors. Excellent job on the stitching too. I don’t quilt, but my mom and sister usually each have one in various stages of development 🙂

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    1. craftysorcha Post author

      Thank you! I am not a particularly patient person but this is a project that isn’t urgent, I’m taking my time enjoying it and not worrying about when it will be finished.

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  5. Boomdeeadda

    WOW, you have made a beautiful heirloom. I can’t even imagine sewing that all by hand. You must be a very patient person. Where are you displaying your ‘artwork’ (I can’t just say quilt after all your workmanship) 😀

    1. craftysorcha Post author

      Thank you!
      We’ll it’s not on display anywhere yet because I haven’t quilted it yet! I’ll be honet, I’m a bit intimidated by it’s size for quilting!

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