My first Granny Square


Well after I finished hand-piecing my friendship star quilt, I though I needed another hand-made project to make. I decided to learn crochet! So I bought a Cath Kidson “Crochet in a Box” kit to start me off. To be perfectly honest I’m extremely disappointed by the kit. The tin itself is lovely and the hook is fine. But the yarn is atrocious quality, acrylic yarn that falls apart, is very scratchy, and as you can see from the photo the colours are pretty ugly too (and I didn’t even use the fluorescent pink yarn in this square!). Also, a couple of the balls of yarn were made up of separate yarns, tied together in knots! The instruction booklet was not clear, I ended up watching this great video on youtube to figure out what to do:
Anyway, the only positive about the kit is that I got to practice my crochet before I buy nicer yarn for my next project. I still have some things I need to work on – you can see my slip stitch on the outside round is not very tidy, my tension is not consistent (not sure if that was me or just the yarn). I also found the process lovely and relaxing. So I definitely will make something else with crochet!


3 thoughts on “My first Granny Square

    1. craftysorcha Post author

      Thanks very much! I’ve been practising a bit more since, (I’ll post about it in a future blog post) and I’m pleased with my progress! 🙂

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