Quilted book cover

My OH (“other half”) is a botanist by profession. In his free time he also likes to go out into the countryside and look at the plants that are growing and in flower around the place. I’m no botanist, but I also enjoying taking advantage of the lovely weather we get here in the South of France to go for walks with the OH and our baby and see some nice flowers and scenery.

Sometimes when he is out of one of his botanical “sorties”, he sees a plant he doesn’t know. He likes to have a book with him to help he identifying these UFOs (unidentified flowering object!). The only problem is, some of the best “flores” are very expensive (150 euro for the Flore de Coste, which is the definitive flore for plants in France!) but have soft covers! These can get pretty roughed up from being dragged in and out of backpacks. So the OH asked me to use my sewing skills to make some book covers for him. It took me a while to find a tutorial that I liked and that I felt would be easy enough for my skills! Finally I settled on this tutorial from sewing.com.

Book cover 1

I picked a fabric from my stash that had a plant theme for the front of the cover, and a solid green fabric for the inside of the cover. The tutorial mentions that you can used pre-quilted fabric but as I have plenty of batting remnants lying around, I did the quilting myself, just plain straight-line quilt. I tried to finish the edge of the flaps with bias tape but I made a bit of a mess (Note to self: learn how to make and sew on bias tape!) so instead I finished the edge with a sort of blanket stitch.

Book cover 3

For the closure, instead of using a button, I decided to use some velcro, as I have a lot left over from making bibs for the baby. The velcro is supposed to be self adhesive, but from experience, the adhesive doesn’t hold up to much use, so to be on the safe side, I sewed it down.

Book cover 2

For the top and bottom edges, I just had stitched them down. I’ll need to think about this step for any further book covers I make as I’m not really happy with this part of the process.

So what was the verdict? Well I got a very positive review, and I have been asked to cover all the other books the OH is likely to need in the field! Success!


20 thoughts on “Quilted book cover

  1. loloslunch

    How cool, looks great! My Kindle cover closes with a weak magnet. I wonder if you could also sew magnets in for the latch? Love the OH and UFO acronyms too πŸ™‚

    1. craftysorcha

      Thanks! Hmm, a magnet would be a good idea. I suppose I could put the magnet into the quilt “sandwich” and quilt around it to fix it in place! Hmm, maybe I will try that for the next cover! (The OH has pointed out that the velcro may get dirty out in the field…)

  2. stirandstitch

    a little bit of quilting makes such an impact. i love your book cover!
    ps – don’t fear the bias tape…it really is surprisingly easy-peasy and satisying to make (even without a bias-tape maker) and use πŸ™‚

  3. Born To Organize

    That is super cute! I’ve always envied quilters. I love to sew but never found the patience for quilting. My tremendous admiration.

    Congratulations on your Good Neighbor nomination. It’s great finding new and interesting blogs. Alys

  4. mandymunroe

    Well done, it’s lovely, great fabric choice too! If you’re only sewing straight lines try using a straight piece of fabric as tape, it’s easier than bias as it doesn’t stretch.


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