A lesson learned…

Sigh. I can be terrible for rushing headlong into time-saving or “handy” things while crafting that turn out not to be such good ideas when push comes to shove. I have learned this week that I have got to focus on thinking these ideas through before putting them into practice.

A few weeks ago, I posted about my Friendship Star Quilt Top. Well, this week I was all set for doing the final little preparations before basting and quilting. Then I had a proper look at the back of my quilt top:

Can you see the problem

Can you see the problem? That dark thread…basting a white diamond…looks like this on the front:

Here it is!

It’s hard to see in this photo, but you can see dark marks in the corners of the diamonds where I made some backstitches behind. This will look worse once I put the dark background fabric on the quilt. I’ve spent all of my crafting time this week unpicking the dark thread, it’s not particularly interesting work, and it doesn’t feel too creative to me! How did this happen? Well, I used plastic “quilt patti” templates for my diamonds (they are GREAT), and one of the advantages is that you don’t have to remove your basting stitches. Of course, my bright idea was to use up some of my poorer quality thread for the basting (it uses a LOT of thread). And I never thought that dark thread on white fabric was not a good idea.

I’m definitely going to take more time to think about what I do in a craft project before I do it. Even if this seems slow to me, it will save time in the long run.

So have any of you fellow bloggers ever made a silly mistake like this? If you have, would you talk about it on your blog?



10 thoughts on “A lesson learned…

  1. magnumlady

    I’m not a crafty person but yes I’ve made mistakes. The worst one was going out to take photos at a deer farm in Riverstown and leaving my camera battery at home!

    1. craftysorcha Post author

      Yeah, I’ve forgotten camera batteries before parties or events where I wanted photos! The good thing about making mistakes like that, is that you only make them once! 🙂

  2. Janette

    Dont worry Im always doing things like that, and then wondering how I missed something so obvious when I realise the mistake! Your quilt is going to be divine when you are (eventually) finished and you will be glad you took the time to make it right Im sure 🙂

  3. Elisabeth

    Hi Sarah, I once ironed on a fusible batting on the top side of a quilt. Should have read the instructions first. They said to iron it to the back of the quilt. Lessons learned for me, too.
    Happy Quilting!

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