Owl Plushies

I have been seeing a lot of owl-themed crafts around the place, and a few weeks ago I saw this wonderful post from Candid Fabrics. Now my 14-month-old boy loves owls (he has a board book with owls in it and he can even make the “hoo hoo” noise πŸ™‚ ) so I thought this would be an ideal homemade toy for him. I figured out by myself how to make the owls.

Green owl

I made two, a green-ish owl, and a yellow/white owl. I didn’t use buttons for the eyes because buttons and babies don’t mix! Once I figured out the process, it was a very quick project to make, it took me about an hour to make two. They are quite small, but I think it would be easy enough to scale up or down the design so I could even make a little family of owls! And I can report that Liam loves his new toys!

Yellow owl


15 thoughts on “Owl Plushies

  1. carinascrafts

    Hi Sarah, these are soooooooo cute. I love owls too and used it as my son’s first birthday theme. Our lil men are nearly the same age. Are you considering posting a tute on these gorgeous lil owls?


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