Block of the Month No. 1: Anvil

I’ve always wanted to make a sampler quilt, and I don’t think I make enough “traditional” patchwork blocks. So I decided to do my own “Block of the Month” series, making traditional quilt blocks with modern fabrics with the aim of having a bright colourful sampler quilt sometime in the future. It’s also a good stash buster!

Block number 1 is the Anvil block. I found cutting the pieces the longest part of making this block! I pressed my seams open, I hear that that makes the block lie flatter…not sure how true this is when you have multiple seams… You have to be pretty careful with the layout (or at least I do!), I had to rip seams to redo a piece I sewed in the wrong order. It wasn’t a big deal though. It’s not perfect, I think I need to practise more on my 1/4 inch seams a bit! But I think it looks good for a first attempt.


3 thoughts on “Block of the Month No. 1: Anvil

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