Summer polka dot skirt

Ta-da! Drum roll please! This is the first ever item of clothing I have sewn for myself. Ok, it’s just a simple elastic waistband skirt but I am proud of myself! 🙂 I love wearing skirts in the summer time, they are very light and comfortable in the warm weather. I had some polka dot fabric from Kaffe Fassett in my stash that had been originally destined for the back of a quilt but I change my mind for that quilt back (which is why I had enough fabric on hand to make a whole skirt).

I followed the tutorial from Suburbs Mama for a simple elastic skirt. I just tweaked it a little bit because I didn’t want the elastic to be visible – I added an inch and a half on to the length of fabric to cut, folded it over and topstitched it down, and then inserted the elastic. It was a super quick project, it literally took me only an hour between ironing the fabric for cutting and the finished project! I got it done during the baby’s siesta! 🙂 It’s really comfortable and floaty. Hope you like it!


19 thoughts on “Summer polka dot skirt

  1. Lil

    Cute! I must say I’ve been itching to get a sewing machine lately but am refraining myself as we have no space for it, not to mention I don’t really know how often I’ll get to use it either.

    1. craftysorcha Post author

      Thanks! Yep, a sewing machine does take up space. I had a conundrum recently when Liam started crawling and exploring – I had to remove my sewing table and find an unreachable place for my machine. It took some rearranging!

  2. Nur Hussein

    It looks very summery! I have an appreciation for seasons now, and seasonal shifts in clothing style!

  3. Red Hen

    Very crafty indeed! Though you`ll not be needing a light little skirteen here in Ireland. I bet you could adapt that pattern to make something more suited to our climate-I`m thinking heavy duty waterproof material, preferably fleece lined ;-)Love the background too-I`m dead jealous because it looks like proper summer there.

    1. craftysorcha Post author

      Thank you! 🙂
      Your skirt idea sounds great for Ireland, all you need to finish off the look is a nice pair of wellies! 😉
      Actually we had pretty crummy weather here up til about 2 weeks ago, it’s just now like a real summer!


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