Retrospective – Trip Around the World Quilt

The second quilt I ever made was this “Trip Around the World” quilt, which I made for my sister’s birthday back in 2011. Her favourite colour is purple, and I wanted to work with solids so this was an easy choice to make!

It’s lap-quilt size, made with cotton solids, and Aborigine Dots fabric on the back. It was completely hand-pieced and hand quilted, and I JUST finished it in time for my sister’s birthday. I found this a lot easier to make than the first quilt I made, I had learned a lot with that process and was able to side-step some of the problems I had there.

I think this may actually be my favourite quilt project, I really wanted to keep it for myself! Do you have trouble giving away the things you make?


11 thoughts on “Retrospective – Trip Around the World Quilt

    1. craftysorcha Post author

      Yeah, I suppose it’s a good sign of a present when you don’t want to give it away!
      Sorry for the lateness of my reply, I was on holidays and not near the internet!

  1. Red Hen

    Sorry, I`ve only seen this post now. WP reader and email notifications are not quite keeping me up to speed with some of my blog roll. Damn.

    Love, love, love this quilt. All that handwork must have taken an age! No, I wouldn`t part with it if I`d made it myself.

  2. susanklement

    I love this quilt–and I often find myself wanting to keep what started out as a gift for someone else. I can usually manage to give it anyway, but sometimes I find myself substituting an alternate gift for the giftee. I find it helps if I am giving the gift to somoen I see often, so I can feel like I will get to visit my creation, lol. I also keep some projects for me going and I find that the more perfect the gift is for the person I am making it for, the easier it is to give away. But sometimes it is hard–so much work and effort, and such beautiful things made, it is hard to give them up. I would definitely have a hard time giving up something like this quilt, it is so beautiful.


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