Infinity Scarf

I do realise this is completely unseasonable but I have just finished a crochet infinity scarf. Yes it is the middle of summer here, and it is 35 degrees outside, but I found this lovely Plassard Multico acrylic/wool mix yarn and I just had to make it. Also, I want to change my habit of thinking of a great craft project when it’s too late to do it (e.g. thinking of great Christmas projects on December 15th, or a scarf a week into a cold spell).

I made this scarf without a pattern, I just worked in the round, with enough chain stitches in the first round to wrap around my neck three times, and then did rounds of triple crochets until I had almost run out of yarn (I had two balls), and finished with a round of double crochet. It’s very cosy, and not at all scratchy. I love the graduated colour too. I won’t say that I’m looking forward to winter to wear it, but I will be glad of the scarf when the cold comes!



23 thoughts on “Infinity Scarf

  1. susanklement

    It is beautiful! I have a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to make things, too, so I know what you mean. Plus, when a project calls out to you, it is good to do it, right?

  2. clementinegoesusa

    Wow, it really is very very pretty!! A small consolation for when Winter’s here πŸ™‚

  3. carinascrafts

    Looks great. Really itching to make a cowl but haven’t found a pattern yet – but must admit I like your style, no pattern, freestyle may be the way to go. Best wishes, Carina

      1. forestmtnhike

        You’re very welcome! And who would have thought we’d catch ourselves online at the same time.:) Though, it’s nearly 1:30 a.m. my time so I better get some sleep. Have a nice weekend! Hugs!

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