WIP: Crochet butterflies and hearts ornament

I love the Attic24 blog, it’s partly what got me to learn how to crochet back in January. I saw this “heart tree” on the Attic24 blog and I decided to make something similar to put on a bookcase in my living room.

I already have the perfect jug which I found at the annual pottery market in my OH’s home town (I had the idea in my head when I visited the market so that made me more efficient in my shopping! 🙂 ), made by an artisan potter called Silvia Triebel.

A few weeks ago, I found this tutorial for crocheted butterflies on the Marie’s Making blog, it’s simple to follow and it doesn’t take long to make a butterfly. I had also found a diagram for crochet hearts on the DMC facebook page, from a Portuguese crochet club. That was nice, because it meant I had to learn how to read crochet diagrams!  Here’s a close up of the heart I have made so far:



I thought a mix of butterflies and hearts would be cute. I’m using the DMC Natura cotton yarn I have leftover from my granny square blanket, which make this a very economical project (apart from the price of the jug). Now I just have crochet lots more hearts and butterflies, and find some nice dry twigs to hang them on!

20 thoughts on “WIP: Crochet butterflies and hearts ornament

    1. joshiphotoeye

      hmmm..and here u can easily capture these beautiful butterfly…:D u don’t need to run behind them….grab it..;) 😀

  1. Red Hen

    You picked out the jug colours perfectly. Having enjoyed your granny square blanket very much, I`ve struggled through the summer to figure out the granny square tutorial. Have three balls of cotton and a very nice bamboo crochet hook now. But the square is beyond me. Not giving up though! Just admiring your talent all the more.

    1. craftysorcha Post author

      Thanks! In my first post on crochet, I posted a youtube video tutorial that explains crochet really easily, that should make the granny square tutorial a bit easier to follow!

      1. Red Hen

        Thanks for that. I`d been following the purlbee one but, since I`m very slow on the uptake, the youtube demo will probably suit me better!

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