Block of the Month 3 – Brown Goose

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, Between travelling Ireland on holidays to visit my parents, and the “rentrée” this month with my son starting crèche, I’ve been pretty busy! Also, my son is getting a lot more active so it’s harder to find time to craft!

Here is part 3 of my Block of the Month series. The first month I made the “Anvil” block, and the second month, I made a block called “Barbara Frietchie’s Star”. This month, I tackled the “Brown Goose” block. It apparently was so-called because it was originally made from brown calico fabric. This block is also known as the Double Z block, or the creepy Devil’s Claws block.

The first two months of this project I had some problems with my points and accuracy. Now this month my block is not perfect but it is much improved. There are a couple of reasons for this: firstly, instead of just trying to get a 1/4″ seam, I actually drew around my template and followed the lines. I know that’s more time consuming but it does make a difference. Secondly, I TOOK. MY. TIME! Really it was important for me not to rush: this isn’t a race, if I skip a month, I’m not going to stress about it. So I’m happy enough with the results.

How do you improve your accuracy when piecing blocks?



17 thoughts on “Block of the Month 3 – Brown Goose

  1. tamyraptor

    Wow, your points look flawless to me! Taking my time is something I struggle with… Hence my points are often crappy. I think I will try drawing the seams on like you did next time…

  2. KerryCan

    It really does look good! I like anything that has half-square triangles–they can be used in so many patterns. I have to admit I don’t worry about every point being just perfect–I figure that, in the scope of an entire finished quilt, it’s the big picture that gets noticed more than the fine points.

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