Chopstick Placemat


In our house, I do the cooking, which I love. But I do enjoy the odd take away, and we’ve become sushi addicts since we found a nice sushi place that delivers. Of course, every delivery brings a lot of complementary chopsticks, which we don’t use (don’t judge me! I’m all thumbs! ). As a natural hoarder, I was loathe to throw them away so I searched for something I could do with them. I found this tutorial for chopstick placemats which I thought would be both useful and within my skill set!

I changed the instructions a little bit, 40 pairs of my chopsticks would make a ginormous placemat, I settled at 28 for an ideal size. Also, unlike the chopsticks used in the tutorial, mine were not all the same size, so mine has a rougher look to it. For backing material, I used some IKEA fabric (already used in a cushion I made last year). I need to clean off the mod podge stains, oops! I think the material is so nice, that the placemat could be used on both sides. What do you think?


I’ll need to get a lot more sushi deliveries before I can make a set of four, but for the moment I can use this one as a hotpad and for serving tea to guests!


20 thoughts on “Chopstick Placemat

  1. Tawny

    Oh my gosh – I would totally use these placemats with the fabric facing up. So gorgeous! And a fantastic upcycling/reusing project for leftover chopsticks (I tend to use them in my hair hehehe – but they look much nicer in your placemats).

    1. craftysorcha Post author

      Thank you!
      Oh they are nice in hair too! I also keep one or two aside for poking out corners when I make cushions or things that I have to turn inside out.

  2. theoriginalthread

    I love this idea, I am need of some new placemats and I regularly eat sushi but never with chopsticks as I just can’t figure them so end up throwing the chopsticks! I shall keep them from now on. Thanks for sharing this great idea!


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