Play Food Project: 2. Macarons

The second instalment of my play food project is complete! I made some yummy French macarons, using this tutorial from NyanPon.


Again, I made these using DMC Natura 100% cotton yarn that I have in my stash. While the body of the macaron was easy to make (just a spiral of DCs), I couldn’t get my head around the surface crochet (the “ridge” above and below the “filling”). You can’t see it in the photo, but the ends of the surface crochet rings are wonky. I’m not sure how to make it neater. I couldn’t sell these but they are grand for my son’s play food set!

I think next time I’ll have to make some healthy like fruit or a vegetable to make up for two deserts in a row! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Play Food Project: 2. Macarons

  1. thesewingwren

    What a perfect crochet projects! I think a little dish of these pretty macaroon would make a beautiful decoration to sit on the kitchen window sill… were they difficult to make? My crochet skills are limited, did make some eggs so might be able to tackle some macaroons…
    Best wishes, keep busy!
    Jay X

    1. craftysorcha Post author

      The basic macaron was easy to make but I did find the surface crochet difficult (I couldn’t follow the instructions). If you make these and have any tips, let me know! 🙂

  2. thesewingwren

    Me again… have just bobbed back into the macaroon blog and have found your link to the tutorial so I will be away this afternoon with hook and yarn having a little go at making some!
    Thank you, bye for now…
    Jay X


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