Play Food Project: 3. Carrots

I’ve finished the third instalment of my play food project, and this time I decided to make a family of health carrots! I followed this excellent tutorial on Ravelry from Kristi Tullus:—amigurumi-play-food  It was free to download and everything is explained so clearly – I even learned how to do a magic ring!


Again, I used DMC Natura cotton yarn (that’s Lion Brand for those of you “across the pond”!).

They’ve gotten the seal of approval from my son (he had already put them in his play saucepan to make dinner before I could take a photo!), so I think I’ll carry on in the healthy vein with this project! 🙂







16 thoughts on “Play Food Project: 3. Carrots

    1. craftysorcha Post author

      Oh he loves making “dindins”, he’ll improvise with anything, I’ve often had to sip a “drink” from a wooden block (and be careful because it’s hot – he’ll blow on the block first!)

  1. thesewingwren

    I love the crochet carrots! Might just have to have a go at making a bunch to go with the fabric ones I enjoy making… they would look “very carrotie” wouldn’t they. Also think the apples are fantastic! Keep busy… Jay


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