WIP: Embroidery for a bread bag

I know I shouldn’t mention the “C” word before Hallowe’en is over, but I’m making a start on Christmas presents. From experience, I know if I don’t start now, they’ll never be finished on time! At the moment, I’m working on a bread bag – it’s something you have in a lot of French houses, hung up in a kitchen, to store baguettes in. I loved the folk flowers embroidery on a tote bag by Nana Company (the tutorial is here on eHow), so I decided to use that as decoration:


I also embroidered “Sac à pain” with stem stitch in green thread:


The fabric is a very light blue linen, which I’ll cut and sew onto a grey linen/cotton fabric, which has a lovely “vintage” feel. I hope to have it finished in the next week, I’ll keep you all updated!

20 thoughts on “WIP: Embroidery for a bread bag

  1. Madnessasmantra

    Wow! These are gorgeous! And thank you for sharing the link. Starting now for “C” will be enjoyable, as you’ll get loads of time to fully enjoy each creation! Nothing better than receiving hand-made art!

  2. Born To Organize

    What lovely stitches. I used to embroider a lot when I was younger. Seeing this makes me want to pick it up again. I love practical, beautiful home-made gifts. This is perfect and will be well received by your family or friends.

  3. Red Hen

    I used to embroider too. We learnt how to do it in school and, much though I loved it, it didn’t really love me!
    I see you have an Etsy shop! Felicitations!

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