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Finish: Fabric memory game


My toddler is a very lucky boy, he gets lots of presents from the whole family, and from Santa Claus! So for Christmas, I wanted to make him something special (from Santa Claus 😉 ) that would also be unique. I like games for children that are fun but also good for development, so I decided to make a fabric memory game.


I made 24 fabric “cards”, using pairs of fussy-cut images from fabric in my stash, added a white border, a lining of batting and light blue backing. (Side note: fussy cutting is such a wasteful use of fabric! It’s the first time I’ve used this technique and I was quite shocked! Oh well, at least I have some new additions for my scraps box.)


To keep everything in order, I made a small drawstring bag from the backing fabric to put the cards in.

By the way, my son loves his game! 🙂


Baby smock

Happy New Year everyone!
My little boy is really getting into feeding himself. That’s fantastic, but I’ve found that normal bog-standard bibs just aren’t cutting it in terms of protecting his clothes from food and drink spills. In the winter, it’s hard to get clothes washed and dried easily so I had to think of a solution.


I decided on a sort of smock that would cover his entire body. I took a piece of blue cotton fabric, folded it over, and used one of my son’s t-shirts to determine the width and to trace the collar. Right sides together, I sewed this onto a towel (for absorbency). I cut out the collar from the cotton and the towel and then turned the material right side out (after trimming the excess). I finished the collar using a zig-zag stitch on my machine. Just to make it a bit more interesting, I top-stitched around the edge, as well as sewing a square of Summersville Spring fabric (by Lucie Summers for Moda) to the front of it.

I’m sorry the photos aren’t better quality but he doesn’t sit still for photo ops and now it’s being used as is a bit stained!

I’m going to make at least one more as a backup, as it’s so easy to do.

Retrospective: My first baby quilt

Today I’m going to tell you about the third quilt I ever made. It’s a baby quilt that I made for my nephew who was born in 2011. I followed the Moda Bake Shop “Stacked Coins” tutorial with a couple of changes (I only used four columns of coins) and used the “Happy” line of fabric designed by My Sister and Me.


This was made completely by hand, all the piecing, quilting and binding so it really was a labour of love! For the quilting, I stitched in the ditched around each “coin”, and filled the white space with wavy quilting.


As with every project I do, I learned a lot. On the negative side, I learned that you don’t pre-wash pre-cut fabrics as this changes the size, so it was a bit more tricky that it should have been to sew the coins together. On the positive side, I learned how to do continuous binding as well as how to properly mitre my corners!

The toddler I gave this to still uses it so I’m happy! 🙂


Fabric covered monograms


I’ve been wanting to make some fabric covered monograms for a while now, especially since I found this really simple tutorial from Flamingo Toes. The plan all came together when I found some cheap letter forms, as well as a Mod Podge equivalent on a recent visit to my local arts and crafts shop. I used fabric from my stash (including fabric from an old top that I don’t wear anymore!) so it worked out quite cheap in the end. I had some trouble with the inside corners (inside the “A” was particularly tricky!) but in general the process was quick and easy. All in all, it took 3 hours to finish. The letter forms are very light, so I just used blu-tack to stick the monograms to the door, which is a lot handier than having to use hooks or something!

Fabric covered monograms 2

Owl Plushies

I have been seeing a lot of owl-themed crafts around the place, and a few weeks ago I saw this wonderful post from Candid Fabrics. Now my 14-month-old boy loves owls (he has a board book with owls in it and he can even make the “hoo hoo” noise 🙂 ) so I thought this would be an ideal homemade toy for him. I figured out by myself how to make the owls.

Green owl

I made two, a green-ish owl, and a yellow/white owl. I didn’t use buttons for the eyes because buttons and babies don’t mix! Once I figured out the process, it was a very quick project to make, it took me about an hour to make two. They are quite small, but I think it would be easy enough to scale up or down the design so I could even make a little family of owls! And I can report that Liam loves his new toys!

Yellow owl

Work in process – Giant Granny Square Blanket

Since I have learned to crochet (see this post), I decided that my next “unplugged” project (read: no sewing machine, something handmade I can make listening to music, watching television or traveling) would be a crochet project. I liked the simplicity of the basic granny square motif, so I finally landed on the idea of a giant granny square blanket to cover the sofa bed in my baby’s bedroom.

Giant granny square blanket

I chose DMC  Natura Cotton yarn, it’s made in France and I like the colours available. It’s also nice and soft. I picked ten yarns, a mix of pastel shades and brighter colours. I used a 4 mm hook. I find it a lovely project for in front of the tv, because the stitches are simple, and it’s the same the whole way round, so you don’t have to concentrate too hard. Here’s a good tutorial from the for the basic granny square, you just carry on to make a giant one!

I think I will do about 20 more rounds like this, and then crochet on a shell border. I’ll show you when it’s all done!

Flying geese colour wheel


I’ve been seeing quite a lot of these flying geese colour wheels around the last few years and I decided one made into a mini-quilt would make a lovely wall hanging for my baby’s bedroom. I used this tutorial from The Sometimes Crafter blog ( to learn how to do foundation paper piecing. I found the instructions really clear, and the whole thing came together really quickly. Her tip for perforating your paper with the sewing machine before starting really helped! Now I just need help from a more “DIY”-minded member of the family to hang it on the wall. 🙂 I’ll definitely be trying more foundation paper piecing.