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Play Food Project: 4. Apples

I’m carrying on with my health-kick in my play food project, this time I’ve made three crochet apples! I used this pattern from Drops design: which was fairly easy to follow (although I couldn’t figure out how to do the stem their way so I just adapted the leaf from the carrot I made last time!)


Again, I used DMC Natura cotton yarn.

And how does my son like them? Well he loves them (apples are one of his favourite fruits) and was already pretending to eat them before I could get them photographed!

You can see all my play food HERE.






Play Food Project: 3. Carrots

I’ve finished the third instalment of my play food project, and this time I decided to make a family of health carrots! I followed this excellent tutorial on Ravelry from Kristi Tullus:—amigurumi-play-food  It was free to download and everything is explained so clearly – I even learned how to do a magic ring!


Again, I used DMC Natura cotton yarn (that’s Lion Brand for those of you “across the pond”!).

They’ve gotten the seal of approval from my son (he had already put them in his play saucepan to make dinner before I could take a photo!), so I think I’ll carry on in the healthy vein with this project! 🙂






Play Food Project: 2. Macarons

The second instalment of my play food project is complete! I made some yummy French macarons, using this tutorial from NyanPon.


Again, I made these using DMC Natura 100% cotton yarn that I have in my stash. While the body of the macaron was easy to make (just a spiral of DCs), I couldn’t get my head around the surface crochet (the “ridge” above and below the “filling”). You can’t see it in the photo, but the ends of the surface crochet rings are wonky. I’m not sure how to make it neater. I couldn’t sell these but they are grand for my son’s play food set!

I think next time I’ll have to make some healthy like fruit or a vegetable to make up for two deserts in a row! 🙂

Play Food Project: 1. Cupcakes

My son is just turned two, and he loves playing at cooking and eating and drinking. I’m not a huge fan of the fake plastic play food that’s available out there to buy, so I decided to started crocheting and sewing some play food for him. There are some fantastic tutorials around, so I have a whole list of cute food items to make! My first effort are these amigurumi cupcakes, which I made following this tutorial from Itsy Bitsy Spider.


I made these using DMC Natura 100% cotton yarn that I have in my stash. I made the purple and green cupcake with a 3mm hook, as recommended for that yarn, and while it turned out fine, the weave isn’t tight enough, so I used a 2.5mm hook for the pink and yellow one, with a better result.

It’s a really easy quick project to make, it’s nice to have a short project like these that you can finish in one day.

Finished: Crochet hearts and butterflies ornament


Back in August, I posted about crochet hearts and butterflies I was making for an ornament, inspired by Attic24. I quickly got all the little butterflies and hearts crocheted (10 or each) but it took me a while to get the right twigs to complete it. A couple of weeks ago, I went to the in-laws place in the country and saw some lovely yellow coloured branches on a willow tree. So I chopped off a few and brought them home. I found it hard to get a good photo but it looks cute in the living room. The baby was even mesmerised! 🙂

WIP: Crochet butterflies and hearts ornament

I love the Attic24 blog, it’s partly what got me to learn how to crochet back in January. I saw this “heart tree” on the Attic24 blog and I decided to make something similar to put on a bookcase in my living room.

I already have the perfect jug which I found at the annual pottery market in my OH’s home town (I had the idea in my head when I visited the market so that made me more efficient in my shopping! 🙂 ), made by an artisan potter called Silvia Triebel.

A few weeks ago, I found this tutorial for crocheted butterflies on the Marie’s Making blog, it’s simple to follow and it doesn’t take long to make a butterfly. I had also found a diagram for crochet hearts on the DMC facebook page, from a Portuguese crochet club. That was nice, because it meant I had to learn how to read crochet diagrams!  Here’s a close up of the heart I have made so far:



I thought a mix of butterflies and hearts would be cute. I’m using the DMC Natura cotton yarn I have leftover from my granny square blanket, which make this a very economical project (apart from the price of the jug). Now I just have crochet lots more hearts and butterflies, and find some nice dry twigs to hang them on!

Infinity Scarf

I do realise this is completely unseasonable but I have just finished a crochet infinity scarf. Yes it is the middle of summer here, and it is 35 degrees outside, but I found this lovely Plassard Multico acrylic/wool mix yarn and I just had to make it. Also, I want to change my habit of thinking of a great craft project when it’s too late to do it (e.g. thinking of great Christmas projects on December 15th, or a scarf a week into a cold spell).

I made this scarf without a pattern, I just worked in the round, with enough chain stitches in the first round to wrap around my neck three times, and then did rounds of triple crochets until I had almost run out of yarn (I had two balls), and finished with a round of double crochet. It’s very cosy, and not at all scratchy. I love the graduated colour too. I won’t say that I’m looking forward to winter to wear it, but I will be glad of the scarf when the cold comes!


Giant Granny Square Blanket – Finished!

A few months back, I posted my progress on my giant Granny Square blanket. Well, I have finally finished! I started this at the start of February this year, and finished sewing in the last yarn end on the last day of June (Note to self: sew in the ends as you go along, having to sew in approximately 200 ends in one go is not very interesting!).

I used 10 colours of DMC Natura cotton, which was lovely to work with. The finished blanket consists of 80 rounds of triple crochet clusters, with a border of 10 rounds of double crochet and a shell border to top it all off.

Border and shell edging


While this took a while to finish, I found it really easy as a beginner project and lots of fun to do. I love the bright colours, and I think it really suits it’s function as a cover for the sofa-bed in my baby son’s bedroom.

Work in process – Giant Granny Square Blanket

Since I have learned to crochet (see this post), I decided that my next “unplugged” project (read: no sewing machine, something handmade I can make listening to music, watching television or traveling) would be a crochet project. I liked the simplicity of the basic granny square motif, so I finally landed on the idea of a giant granny square blanket to cover the sofa bed in my baby’s bedroom.

Giant granny square blanket

I chose DMC  Natura Cotton yarn, it’s made in France and I like the colours available. It’s also nice and soft. I picked ten yarns, a mix of pastel shades and brighter colours. I used a 4 mm hook. I find it a lovely project for in front of the tv, because the stitches are simple, and it’s the same the whole way round, so you don’t have to concentrate too hard. Here’s a good tutorial from the for the basic granny square, you just carry on to make a giant one!

I think I will do about 20 more rounds like this, and then crochet on a shell border. I’ll show you when it’s all done!

My first Granny Square


Well after I finished hand-piecing my friendship star quilt, I though I needed another hand-made project to make. I decided to learn crochet! So I bought a Cath Kidson “Crochet in a Box” kit to start me off. To be perfectly honest I’m extremely disappointed by the kit. The tin itself is lovely and the hook is fine. But the yarn is atrocious quality, acrylic yarn that falls apart, is very scratchy, and as you can see from the photo the colours are pretty ugly too (and I didn’t even use the fluorescent pink yarn in this square!). Also, a couple of the balls of yarn were made up of separate yarns, tied together in knots! The instruction booklet was not clear, I ended up watching this great video on youtube to figure out what to do:
Anyway, the only positive about the kit is that I got to practice my crochet before I buy nicer yarn for my next project. I still have some things I need to work on – you can see my slip stitch on the outside round is not very tidy, my tension is not consistent (not sure if that was me or just the yarn). I also found the process lovely and relaxing. So I definitely will make something else with crochet!