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Dresden Plate Cushion

It’s my MIL’s birthday this week, as well as being mother’s day in France next Sunday, so I decided to make a homemade cushion cover for her for both occasions. I’ve always loved the Dresden Plate block but I was always a bit intimidated by it. It looks complicated to make! But I found this tutorial from Bari J and it seemed easy to follow. I’m not confident enough yet with my sewing machine to try those curved edges so I just turned them into points. I don’t think they are “pointy” enough, so I’ll change that if I make this block again.

I decided to go with a red/white colour scheme, because that goes with the colours my MIL uses in her living room. It’s nice and warm looking too! Once I finished the cushion front, I finished the cushion cover using the same method I used in my “Simple cushions” post, it’s so quick!¬† The longest part of the process was blind-stitching the plate onto the white material, I’ve been doing less hand sewing than I used to and I think I need a little practice again!

Simple cushions

Last week, I was doing some organisation of my cupboards, and I found four cushion forms that I had forgotten I bought. I remembered that I had intended to make some cushions using fabric I bought in IKEA on a whim, got intimidated by the sewing machine I borrowed from my grandmother-in-law, and forgot about it. Now I have my own lovely sewing machine and I am getting more confident with it (at least, for simple projects). So I thought I could kill two birds with one stone, and make the cushions, all the while freeing up some storage space (for more fabric, maybe!).

Federika cushion

In 2011, SewMamaSew ran a “Pillow Month”, where they posted a load of tutorials and inspiration for making pillows and cushions. The first tutorial in the series was a tutorial to make a basic pillow and that’s what I used to make these. It’s an extremely simple tutorial to follow, and the thing I found most useful was the table with sizes of the pieces to cut depending on the size of your pillow form. On the above cushion, I fussy cut the flower as I thought it’s a nice motif. For the other cushion I just cut anywhere.

Ulrika cushion

For the back, it’s just a flap closure which is really easy (no zips or anything – I’m a bit nervous of zips!).

Cushion gback

The fit is slightly loose, I think that’s because of how I converted the inch measurements in the tutorial to centimeters (because I’m in France, and I’m a scientist, all my rulers are in metric!). I want to make two more cushions and I think I will round down my conversions to give a tighter fit (I like the “nearly bursting” look on cushions!). Anyway, apart from the fit (which is a pretty minor issue) I’m quite happy with my first attempt at cushions. They look so colourful and cosy on the chairs in my living room.