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WIP – Friendship Star Quilt – Basting


My Friendship Star Quilt top has been finished for so long (since last March!) but I’ve been putting off basting and quilting it. This is for several reasons, mostly I’ve been intimidated by it’s size, and by the fact that it will be the first quilt I’ll machine quilt!

It has been niggling at me for a while, and so I made a sort of New Year’s Resolution to finish it in the first half of 2014. I needed a free day when I had nothing else on, and had my son in day care, for basting. The reason? Well, I baste on the floor of my apartment, it takes several hours to do, and basting and toddlers running around don’t mix! 🙂

Anyway, I decided to pin baste, because that’s what my Quiltmaking for Beginners book advises if you’re machine quilting. I’ve always thread basted previously, so this was much quicker because I didn’t have to pin first. I still ended up with sore muscles, but the finished quilt will be worth it! I plan to quilt it in the next fortnight.

One question, how far apart do you put your safety pins when basting? I’m not sure I used enough.

Retrospective: My first baby quilt

Today I’m going to tell you about the third quilt I ever made. It’s a baby quilt that I made for my nephew who was born in 2011. I followed the Moda Bake Shop “Stacked Coins” tutorial with a couple of changes (I only used four columns of coins) and used the “Happy” line of fabric designed by My Sister and Me.


This was made completely by hand, all the piecing, quilting and binding so it really was a labour of love! For the quilting, I stitched in the ditched around each “coin”, and filled the white space with wavy quilting.


As with every project I do, I learned a lot. On the negative side, I learned that you don’t pre-wash pre-cut fabrics as this changes the size, so it was a bit more tricky that it should have been to sew the coins together. On the positive side, I learned how to do continuous binding as well as how to properly mitre my corners!

The toddler I gave this to still uses it so I’m happy! 🙂


Friendship star quilt – finished quilt top!


I recently finished my “Friendship Star” quilt top! I started in August 2011 so it really was a long-term piecing project! I put the stars together using the English paper piecing method, with plastic diamond templates. A total of 188 stars went into this quilt, there must be thousands of diamonds altogether! To be honest, I don’t mind that it took a long time, it was a lovely project to hand-piece in the evenings listening to music or watching tv. I used every single piece of fabric in my stash on this. Next, I have to piece the back and quilt it, I think I will try machine quilting, I don’t want to spend another 18 months hand quilting it! 🙂 I have the backing fabric pre-washed and ironed, and I just received a walking foot for my sewing machine, so I’m good to go!

It was inspired by the Crazy Mom Quilts blog – her post on this quilt is here: http://crazymomquilts.blogspot.fr/2011/08/oh-my-stars-progress.html