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Finish: Friendship star quilt

Quilt outside

TA DAAAAAAHHH! This is a finish from late 2014 of which I am very proud. Over the last couple of years, I’ve shared my progress with you all, from the completion of the quilt top, to lessons learned, to its basting. That basting was my first attempt at pin-basting (previously, I only hand-quilted, so I used thread-basting) and after starting to quilt with my sewing machine, I realised that my pins were spaced too far apart! This resulted in ugly puckers on the back of the quilt (and not little ones that I could turn a blind eye to, either!). So, I had to unpick all the teeny tiny quilting stitches I had done, and remove the pins, then re-baste. I was quite discouraged, so I left the quilt aside for several months until I was motivated enough again to finish it. This time, with the pins MUCH closer together, quilting ran a lot smoother – there are now NO puckers on the back of the quilt! It’s heavy work to pull a king-sized quilt through a domestic machine, I can tell you.


For binding, I decided to have a scrappy binding using Pezzy prints from Moda that I had in my stash.


I also added a label which I hand-embroidered myself.


Here are the specs for the quilt:

Quilt size: 250cm x 220cm

Quilt top: English paper pieced diamonds, quilting cotton, poly thread. Fabric: solid white, various cotton prints. Border: Solid white cotton

Batting: Quilter’s dream poly.

Quilt back: Pearl Bracelet in Anchor by Lizzy House for Andover fabrics.

Quilting: Machine quilted with white thread.

Binding: Double-fold bias binding, using 12 different fabrics from the Pezzy line by American Jane for Moda Fabrics.

Creativa Arts and Crafts Show Montpellier

This week I decided to treat myself and go to the Creativa Arts and Crafts show here in Montpellier. There were lots and lots of stands of people selling supplies and homemade items, in lots of different crafts: sewing, crochet, knitting, scrapbooking, candlemaking, cooking etc etc. There were also a lot of workshops available, however I couldn’t take part as all the places were taking (even so early as 10am on a Thursday morning!). Next year I’ll be prepared and sign up in advance! 🙂

I picked up some fabric and a roller ruler thing. But my favourite part of the whole expo was an exhibition of mini-quilts from French, Korean and Japanese quilters, on the theme of the Olympics. There were 90 quilts, but here are my favourites:

???????????????????????????????       “Archery” by Sung Jae Ran.

I love the colours and the circles in this, and how the circular quilting enhances the circles.


“Sailing” by Kwon Mi Young

I love the movement in this quilt, how the position of the sails and the quilting in the sky area makes you feel the wind filling the sails and speeding the boats along!


“Marathon” by Haruko Okubo

I like the appliqued figures here, and how the gradated colours gives a sense of movement.


“Javelin” by Yosuko Kato

I love the bright colours, and how the point of the javelin draws your eye to the centre of the quilt. I like the circular quilting too.


“Gymnastics” by Nelly Cavagnaro

I love the background material here, I don’t know what you call it but I love the texture it gives. I like the curved lines of the figures.


“Gymnastics” by Jang Hung Sook

I love the abstractness of this quilt, but I can still imagine the ribbons flowing from the movement of the gymnast.


“Biathlon” by Li Na Rae

I love how the crazy quilting gives the impression of ski tracks, lovely colours too.


“Curling” by Byun Sung Hye

This is such a modern quilt. I love the geometric shapes and the scrappiness of the fabrics.

Do you go to quilting or arts and crafts shows? Do you prefer the shopping aspect, or the exhibitons?


Retrospective – My first ever patchwork quilt

The last week or so, I’ve been pretty busy with non-crafty things (job hunting, spring cleaning, tackling the pile of mending I have to do!) so I thought I’d do a bit of a retrospective. This is my very first patchwork quilt! When I was doing my doctoral thesis (back in 2007/2008, I was pretty stressed out, and I wanted something that would release my creative energy, as well as relaxing me. I remember seeing a photo of a lovely nine-patch quilt a friend had made, and that spurred me into making something  patchwork myself. I bought a beginners quiltmaking book (Quiltmaking for Beginners by Lynn Kough), and I liked it because it deals with hand- and machine- piecing and quilting. I picked the first project in the book, which is the log cabin quilt.


I hand-pieced the blocks and arranged them in a “fields and furrows” pattern (if I’m honest, that’s because when I made the blocks, I didn’t realise I would need to do “left” and “right” handed blocks to make different arrangements. Ah, you live and learn!).


I also hand-quilted this, doing stitch-in-the-ditch quilting. I really enjoyed the handquilting process. I finally finished it in 2009, so it was a real labour of love! Initially, it was used as a lap quilt while watching tv, but my boyfriend thought it was so nice that he hung it on the wall in our living room (isn’t that cute? 🙂 )

I learned a lot during this process and it really got me into making things myself. I know it’s not perfect but I am proud of it and of me!